Lincolnshire County Council budget and council tax consultation launches today. It is open for responses until Thursday 26th January 2023.

Lincolnshire County Council has advised that it again faces challenges in setting a balanced budget while maintaining the services residents rely on.

Initial budget proposals for 2023/24 were discussed by Executive on 4 January 2023. 

Plans include:

  • £275m for adult care and community wellbeing
  • £84m for children’s social care
  • £47m for highways
  • £22m for Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

More details are in the report here:

The proposals include three options for a rise in council tax of between 3% to 5%. Despite this, and additional government fundingthe council will still need to use between £3.4m to £10.3m from its reserves to balance the budget, based on current projections.

We’d like to know what your council thinks of the options:


-Option A: 2% adult social care precept + 0.99% general precept = 2.99% precept

-Option B: 2% adult social care precept + 1.99% general precept = 3.99% precept

-Option C: 2% adult social care precept + 2.99% general precept = 4.99% precept


Please give Lincs County Council your feedback before 26 January 2023 here:

You can find more information, and the opportunity to participate here:

Published: Thursday, 5th January 2023